• Monitoring and assessing fiscal and macroeconomic performance and producing regular reports including Monthly State of the Economy, Treasury Quarterly Bulletin, and Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Reviews;
  • Preparing macro-economic and fiscal frameworks, projections and scenarios to support formulation of the annual budgets;
  • Formulating the annual Pre-Budget Strategy Paper and Budget Policy Statements as well as other policy statements.
  • Fostering collaboration with line ministries and other Government Departments in the formulation of sectoral policies as well as national development programmes;
  • Research and preparing analytical papers on important fiscal and macro -economic policy issues;
  • Giving advice on matters pertaining to Exchange Control Regulations and investment in the country;
  • Consistently consulting the private sector in all sectors of the economy with a view of creating an enabling economic environment through establishing appropriate fiscal
  • and other economic policies that promote economic activity and growth in the country;
  • Promoting regional economic integration through participation in SADC Finance and Investment Protocol groupings;