Consolidated Accounts and Policy [C.A.P]

  • Manage the Consolidated Revenue Fund
  • Direct, control and coordinate Central Government banking arrangements, financial accounting and reporting
  • Cashflow Management
  • Management of State assets

Government Accounting Services [G.A.S]

  • Formulate and administer national accounting and financial management policy, procedures and regulations;
  • Direct, control and coordination of ministries’ accounting and financial management systems and operations;
  • Monitor and evaluate compliance on accounting and financial management systems by ministries;

Accounting for Aid Funds and Parastatals [A.A.F.P]

  • Manage the National Development Fund;
  • Formulates & administer national accounting policy, procedures & regulations on aid/donor accounting
  • Analysis of budget and monitoring financial performance of public entities;
  • Provides technical advice and consultancy service in financial, cost and management accounting including the preparation s of final accounts to Statutory Funds.
  • Monitoring and Evaluations of operations of Statutory Funds;
  • To provide temporary assistance or secondment of staff to funds, where there are signs of deterioration in the accounting function.
  • Appraise and evaluate parastatals financial performance.

Public Finance Management System Unit

  • Facilitation of computerised accounting and administrative transactions
  • Management of the PFMS software and upgrades
  • Training of end users and assist line Ministries ,wherever necessary, in processing transactions
  • Development of the training material master