• Advising Government on all Debt Management issues including the development of a coherent Medium Term Debt Management Strategy MTDS);
  • Conducting on a regular basis debt sustainability analysis (DSA);
  • Assessing borrowing needs of Government and producing a borrowing plan for Treasury;
  • Recording and production of accurate debt data statistics, including annual debt statistics bulletin ;
  • Monitoring disbursements of all loans and grants and debt service payments;
  • Managing public debt information systems.
  • Conduct data validation and reconciliation with all creditors on a regular basis.
  • Maintain records of all debt contracts, disbursements, and debt restructuring

  • To monitor the financial administration and procedures of the Ministry
    to ensure that:
    a. proper accounting and bookkeeping transactions and procedures are carried out; and
    b. proper accounting records are maintained; and
    c. adequate internal checks and controls are observed; and
    d. assets under the control of the Ministry or reporting unit are properly accounted for; and
  • Instructions and directions issued in terms of the Public Finance Management Act are complied with.
  • To assess the cost –effectiveness of any projects undertaken by the Ministry;
  • To perform any other function that may be assigned by the accounting officer of the Ministry.

  • Mobilise International Financial and Technical Resources, through the negotiation and conclusion of loan, grant & technical assistance agreements, lines of credit with private, bilateral and multilateral financial institutions to finance development programmes.
  • Ensure the efficient and effective coordination & management of international financial & technical resources extended to Zimbabwe.
  • Compilation and analysis of official aid inflows Aid Bulletin) into the country for macroeconomic policy formulation.
  • Analyse policy documents from development partners, regional and international financial institutions, such as IMF, World Bank, PTA, Afrexim bank and AfDB, etc, and make appropriate recommendations.
  • Participate in IMF/World Bank/African Development Bank/PTA/ACBF Annual Meetings, as well as, Constituency Meetings.