The Treasury is hereby issuing the First Circular for the 2022 Budget Year. This Circular, therefore, seeks to provide first phase guidance to MDAs on the preparation process of the 2022 Budget, consistent with the priorities and objectives outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) and the 2022 Budget Strategy.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic and Development intends to implement a Sustainable Enterprise Development for Women and Youth Project in the following areas: Hauna, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Umguza and Mutoko in Zimbabwe. The proposed Sustainable Enterprise Development for Women and Youth Project is at the appraisal stage and is to be funded by an ADF grant and the Government of Zimbabwe. The development objective of the project is to improve incomes of youth and women through enhanced productivity, market access and reduced post-harvest losses for local youth and women producers in the agriculture and small-scale mining sector. Targeted communities are predominantly economically disadvantaged rural communities (Mutoko and Hauna) and drylands prone to drought (Umguza, Masvingo and Bulawayo).